Five Things I Love About North Beach in the Morning | Tours by Locals North Beach San Francisco

1) The phone rings and it’s a neighbor asking if I would like a half loaf of apricot, date, candied lemon, or walnut bread for breakfast just baked from Toscano Bros Bakery… Yes!!!  Thanks Mike!

2) The pungent aroma of fresh roasted coffee from Graffeo. Since 1935 one of the oldest Italian family-run roasters in North America known for their signature savory blend of rich, dark beans… Satisfying ‘Cuppa’!

3) The enticing lure of daily baked biscotti, cakes, cookies, and all sorts of confections from the kitchen of Victoria Pastry since 1914 best known for their Princess Cake… a green tinted torte with layers of sponge cake, raspberry jam. whipped cream and custard with a dome of sweet Almond Marzipan icing …. irresistible!!!

4) The bellowing chimes of St Peter’s and Paul’s Church joyfully calling out from the stately bell tower. …Delightful!

5) The graceful flow of Tai Chi exercisers as they glide with rhythmic moves to Asian music in Washington Square Park occasionally accenting their sway with brilliant red fans… Inspiring!

About Blandina | North Beach San Francisco Best Walking Tour Guide

You have just found North Beach San Francisco’s BEST tour operator and walking guide! I am so excited to invite you on a fun, fascinating, and interactive adventure through my beloved home. North Beach is known, not only as a center of San Francisco’s historic & culturally rich Italian Community, but also as a mecca for poets, painters, musicians, master crafters, dreamers, and free spirits. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to local friends and neighbors who are also the proprietors of shops, restaurants, galleries, and working art studios where you will have the opportunity to enjoy our food tour including complimentary tastes and samples (cannoli, chocolate, deli, etc.), meet the artists, share stories and maybe make some art of your own.

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